First Post!

Ta-da! Here it is, my brand-new, shiny blog! Are you as excited as I am? Well, you should be…

My obsession love for planning and everything organized began long before I got my hands on my first Happy Planner, but that certainly was a catalyst! Back when I was a student, I started using Google Calendar and the notes app on my phone. Things were a little chaotic and that system wasn’t working naturally for me. It just wasn’t intuitive. There had to be something better…

One day, I dragged my roommate to the office supply store to stand in the planner aisle and compare almost all of them for an hour or so. Finally, I decided on a basic planner, knowing I would dress it up and make it my own with colorful markers, fun post-it notes, and washi tape. This quickly evolved into making and adding custom pockets and flippable “hidden notes”, of course alongside color-coded events and to-do lists.

Last year for my birthday, my mom wanted to get me something special. She knows how crazy dedicated I am with organization, so she knew she was going to get me a planner. But which one? She said she was torn between the Happy Planner and an Erin Condren planner, but eventually decided on the Happy Planner.

Since my birthday is in October, my mom got me a 2017 planner and a calendar extension pack so that I could start using my planner immediately and “try it out” for two months before the “actual” planner started. It took me a while to get everything set up, but once I got the hang of things, I was hooked.

Just six months later, I can see how my planner system and its decorations have evolved and adapted to fit my lifestyle. I started out using only stickers, post-it notes and washi tape, to using free printables and stickers, to eventually creating my own custom printables. This is what inspired me to start an instagram acccount and eventually this blog– so I can document my ever-changing planner style, share it with the world, and connect with other planner addicts!


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