Happy Earth Day!

Oops, I totally forgot to share with you my planner layout for this week! But the week’s not over yet!

Earth day was this week, and I couldn’t ask for a better excuse to decorate my planner with plants and succulents! I used a printable called “Succulents” by Victoria Thatcher. I also looked on the internet for additional plantie pictures because if I’m going to do a plantie layout, I’m gonna do a plantie layout. πŸ’–



Honestly, I ended up printing out way more plants than I could use, and narrowed the theme down from “plants” to “mostly succulents”. But that’s okay. I know I’ll find another excuse in a few weeks to do another plant-inspired layout. πŸƒ


How did you decorate your planner for Earth Day? 🌱

For more planner pics you can find me on instagram: @organizedpotato!

Don’t forget to join our Facebook group to show off how you decorate your planner! πŸ’–




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