Minimal Sidebar Tracker: Sleep, Water & Habits [Free Printable!]

When I first got my planner, I knew I wanted to use it to track more than just events and appointments. I wanted to track my water consumption, how frequently I work out, and how many hours I sleep every night. I searched the internet up and down for a tracker printable that had it all, but I couldn’t find one that was just right. So, I made my very own! 💖


I liked the idea of coloring in the little water cups as I drank them, but it quickly turned into me just crossing them off. (For the record, they look way cuter when they’re colored in!)

Sleep tends to be the first thing I sacrifice whenever I get busy or stressed. In order to prioritize sleep, I decided to track it. I just fill in the boxes according to the hours I sleep. If I sleep 7 hours, for example, I only color half of the 8 box. Check out this sidebar in action below! ⬇

sidebarpromowatermarked (2).jpg

What I love about this sidebar tracker is its simplicity. It is so simple, so minimal, that it can be customized to match any planner theme! All you need are fun markers or washi tape! You can also just cut out only the trackers you want to use. The font I used is Moon Flower by Denise Bentulan. As always, this printable is free for personal, non-commercial use.

Click here to download the FREE Minimal Sidebar Tracker!

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