Washi Wednesday [6.7.17]

This week for Washi Wednesday, I tried to pick out washi tape that matched with my Lisa Frank theme in my planner. In a perfect world, I would use real Lisa Frank washi tape, but I don’t think it even exists. Which is a tragedy. 😭 I would buy so many rolls of that washi… So anyways, I did the best I could with bold colors and rainbows… and thought I’d have a little fun and throw some glittery poop emoji washi in there, too! 💩

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The pink cheetah washi says on the inside of the roll that it’s by Scotch Expressions, but I couldn’t find it online anywhere. The green roll of washi I believe came from Hobby Lobby. I got it many years ago, so it’s possible that it might have come from Michael’s.

The Poo Emoji Washi Tube is from Michael’s, and came with 9 rolls of washi total, including a thin, solid gold foil washi. 😍 You can buy this washi tape online from Amazon if you click the picture below!


The sticky notes both came from the Dollar Tree! Can you believe it? You can find some really cute stuff at the Dollar Tree sometimes. It’s one of my favorite places to shop for planner supplies! I usually check the Dollar Tree about every month or every few months when I’m out running my usual errands, because they change their stock fairly frequently. How can you go wrong? It’s only $1!

Which washi tapes did you select for this Washi Wednesday? Join the conversation in our Facebook group or in the comments below 👇 Don’t forget to follow me on Instagram @organizedpotato and follow my blog to stay up to date on all my latest planner adventures! 💖

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