Free Planner Printable: Pineapples

I had so much fun making this printable! When I first set out to make it, I decided to do a pineapples-only theme. But then I saw some really adorable images with flamingos, parrots, toucans, tropical flowers and leaves… I wanted to include it all! But ultimately decided to stick with just pineapples. Which means I’m totally going to make a tropical one in the near future! πŸ˜„ This was another one of those printables I had so much fun making, I got a little carried away and it turned into a two-page mini kit!

Instead of using bright colors, I decided to go with–you guessed it–pastel colors. And I just love how it turned out! Yeah, I know there are multiple pineapples with different style faces and sunglasses. They were all cute and I couldn’t decide on just one, okay? 🍍

This printable contains:

  • 10 full day boxes (4 with writing space, 5 decorative)
  • 2 full day boxes – checklists
  • 5 half boxes
  • 4 habit trackers
  • 7 hydration trackers
  • 7 task (to-do) ribbons
  • 7 “today” day banners
  • 7 “to-do” day banners
  • 2 inner margin washi strips
  • 2 top margin banners
  • 6 washi strips
  • 1 weekend banner
  • 9 miscellaneous stickers

As always, this printable is free for personal, non-commercial use. That means you can’t sell these or use these in any way to make money or anything like that! I found all images with an image search.

Click the pictures below to download it now!

Pineapples - Free Planner Printable for Happy Planner Classic #planner #planwithme #eclp #happyplanner #mambi #create365 #freeprintables #freestickers #plannerprintables #pineapple #pastel #pink #kawaii #summerPineapples - Free Planner Printable for Happy Planner Classic #planner #planwithme #eclp #happyplanner #mambi #create365 #freeprintables #freestickers #plannerprintables #pineapple #pastel #pink #kawaii #summer

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19 thoughts on “Free Planner Printable: Pineapples

    1. All I do is print them out on regular paper, cut them out, then glue them into my planner. If you want to be fancy, you can go out and buy sticker paper or full sheets of shipping labels and print onto those. Hope this helped! 😊


    1. Thank you so much! Really, just use whatever program(s) you’re most comfortable with. When I first started, I honestly used Microsoft Word and I would just scale the pictures down to fit perfectly in my Happy Planner. Recently, I’ve started using Silhouette Studio (which is free!), and I’ve heard other people have really liked working with programs like InDesign.

      I use a program called Gimp to edit my images, and it’s free to download! Or you could use something like Photoshop or Illustrator. Or other people have said they really like Canva or PicMonkey, both of which are free, I believe. If you really like one of these image editing programs, you could also just make the entire printable in those programs alone.

      The key is making sure you measure your planner carefully and then make the pictures and shapes exactly that size. It’s a lot of trial and error and patience! I recommend trying out a bunch of different programs that people recommend and finding the one or ones you like best. (: Happy designing! πŸ’•


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