Washi Wednesday [6.28.17]

I tried to pick out washi that matched with my pastel unicorns theme for this week, but I realized… I don’t have enough pastel washi tape! How could this be?! Oh well… guess that means I just have to go shopping for more washi… 😉

So, I just picked two cute washi tapes that are light and pastel-colored, even if they don’t necessarily match with my planner spread. And without further ado, here is my picture for washi wednesday!

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I bought the large roll of washi tape years ago… I think at Target or Staples. I just remember I didn’t buy it from Hobby Lobby or Michaels, which are my usual go-to stores for washi tape. I did, however, find it for sale over on Amazon!

Didn’t have any luck finding the smaller, blue washi tape online. And to be honest, it’s only a washi sample that was gifted to me at a planner meetup! I would guess you should be able to find it wherever Scotch Expressions washi is sold (like at Target or Staples).

Which washi tapes did you choose for this Washi Wednesday? Join the conversation in our Facebook group or in the comments below 👇 Don’t forget to follow me on Instagram @organizedpotato and follow my blog to stay up to date on all my latest planner adventures! 💖

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