#7daydestash Challenge: Day Three

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Day Three: Saving it for Later

My little collection of charms and fancy beads is slowly growing… I try not to buy them because I know I won’t use them immediately, but if I see something cute and really unique… well…

#7daydestash Challenge - Day 3 [Saving it for Later] #destash #declutter #organize #organizedpotato #charms #plannercharms #planneraccessories

I have always been interested in making jewelry. I used to make necklaces as a little girl with plastic beads all the time! I would make them and give them to my friends and family members. As I got older, my grandma showed me her bead collection. She worked with tinier beads and made more sophisticated-looking jewelry. She also worked with wire, and could twist it and shape it beautifully.

She tried to teach me, but for some reason, I just didn’t get it. I can put beads on a string, even tiny ones, but I can’t use pliers for the life of me. Opening and closing small rings with pliers? Forget about it.

Eventually, I just gave up. But not entirely, because I still have my beads, charms, clasps, etc. One day, I’ll sit down and really try to learn how to use pliers like a normal person. One day. 😊

Do you guys have any tips to help me get started? Share with me in the comments below, or in our Facebook Group!

If you’re interested in participating in the #7daydestash challenge, it isn’t too late! You can start whenever, and go at your own pace! This is a challenge aimed at helping YOU, not about being the best or “winning” the challenge. 💕

Are you up for the challenge? Just 7 days to use, sell, or give away planner supplies that you've been holding on to but never using! #7daydestash #challenge #instagramchallenge #IGchallenge #plannerchallenge #bujochallenge #destashchallenge #destash #declutter #organize #plannersupplies #plannerstuff #erincondren #eclp #happyplanner #mambi #meandmybigideas #kikkik #filofax #bujo #bulletjournal #pinkwatercolor #watercolor #organizedpotato #planwithpotato

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