#7daydestash Challenge: Day Four

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Day Four: Sentimental

There are so many things I could have chosen for today… I’ve held on to so many embellishments, stickers… just crafty things in general because they mean so much to me! Almost all the things that hold emotional importance to me like this were given to me by someone important to me, which is probably why I’m so attached to them!

Interestingly enough, I can’t remember who gave these to me! They were probably given to me by my mom or my grandma… they were always giving me thoughtful gifts as I was growing up. I decided to go with these roller stamps because they’re probably one of the older crafting supplies I own. They’re at least 15 years old… but maybe even as old as 20! 🙊 I don’t really remember how old I was when I received them. (Typing that out made me feel really old…)

#7daydestash Challenge - Day 4 [Sentimental] #destash #declutter #organize #organizedpotato #pokemon #pikachu #chansey #poliwhirl #kawaii #stamps #stamproller #rollerstamps

It brings me so much joy just to open the little case and look at these kawaii little stampers… and even more joy to know that the ink hasn’t dried out! The ink is still vivid, and the little designs are so kawaii… I want to make a Pokemon spread in my planner, just so I can use them!

Do you guys have any sentimental planner supplies that you’re hanging on to? Share with me in the comments below, or in our Facebook Group!

If you’re interested in participating in the #7daydestash challenge, it isn’t too late! You can start whenever, and go at your own pace! This is a challenge aimed at helping YOU, not about being the best or “winning” the challenge. 💕

Are you up for the challenge? Just 7 days to use, sell, or give away planner supplies that you've been holding on to but never using! #7daydestash #challenge #instagramchallenge #IGchallenge #plannerchallenge #bujochallenge #destashchallenge #destash #declutter #organize #plannersupplies #plannerstuff #erincondren #eclp #happyplanner #mambi #meandmybigideas #kikkik #filofax #bujo #bulletjournal #pinkwatercolor #watercolor #organizedpotato #planwithpotato

As usual, don’t forget to follow me on Instagram @organizedpotato and subscribe to my blog to keep up with me and my planner journey. Until next time, planner lovelies! 💕

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