My Washi Organization System

Hello, planner friends! This week for Washi Wednesday, I decided to do something a little different! Instead of choosing a couple rolls of washi to showcase, I finally decided to show off my entire collection! I had been wanting to share my washi collection with you all for a while, but I was too embarrassed! Before, I used to store my washi in the tubes that they came in or I would toss them into the chaotic washi abyss… aka in an old cardboard box from Amazon. Hey, as embarrassing as it is, it worked, and it was cheap, okay? 🙈😂

As my washi collection slowly grew, I began to run out of space in the Amazon box. I knew I had to upgrade my storage solution somehow, and if I was going to do it, I was going to do it right. I had a couple of requirements in mind as I was brainstorming my ideal washi organization system.

1. Organized By Color

First and foremost, it needed to be organized by color because I’m a visual person, and when I’m putting together spreads in my planner, it’s so much easier to look in the pink section to find coordinating washi than it is to dig through the chaotic pile in a cardboard box.

2. Pretty

I planned to keep my washi out on my desk, or at the very least, in a highly visible area near my desk. My desk is where I do most of my planning and crafting; it’s my happy place! I want everything in this little area to be pretty and make me happy!

3. Functional, Accessible

I want my washi to be near my desk so that I can just reach over and have all my washi at my fingertips when I’m crafting. I also wanted each roll to be easy to grab from the collection. I was getting very tired of having to dump out all the washi in a tube just to get to the one on the bottom!

4. Large Enough to Hold all my Washi

It would drive me absolutely insane if half of my washi was beautifully organized and accessible, and the other half was back to being dumped in the Amazon box. If I’m going to re-do my washi storage, I’m going to do it right.

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I did a lot of research before finally making a decision. I’ll talk about the two runner-up options that I almost purchased after I gush about these beautiful drawers a little more. 😍 So if you’re in the market for a new washi storage system, keep reading! 👀

When I saw these drawers, I knew they were the ones. They are tall enough so that each roll can sit upright, and each drawer has two little dividers so that I can store a total of 3 rows of washi per drawer! I love that the drawers are made out of clear acrylic; it allows me to enjoy the beauty of my washi tape even when I’m not looking through it. The silver drawer pulls are simple enough so that they are not distracting, and best of all they don’t look cheap or gaudy.

Here are some quick facts about these drawers:

  • Dimensions 6.5″ x 6.5″ x 6.5″ (A PERFECT CUBE!!! 😍💖)
  • Fits 175 rolls of my washi tape
  • under $20! (Right now they’re $14.14 on Amazon, but when I bought them they were $16.14!)
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Here’s a bird’s eye view with all the drawers fanned out.
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Here’s a side view, to show the small dividers in each drawer.

I am so in love with these drawers. 😍 They are everything I expected, and they are a perfect fit for my organizational system! Their height is perfect! When my washi collection grows, I can buy two more. If I place two drawers side-by-side and stack another set of drawers on top of each of those two, a total of four sets of drawers fit PERFECTLY in my cube shelf I already had!

My cube shelf

When you think about it, it’s kind of funny… My washi collection started off in a cardboard box from Amazon, and ultimately ended up in a clear, acrylic box from Amazon. 😂 I’m not complaining though, because it’s definitely an upgrade!

So… what about the runner-up options? I did a lot of research on which drawers to purchase, and I thought it might be helpful to some of you to share some alternate options. Maybe they’ll be a better fit for you than they were for me!

Runner-up Option One

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Image by Michael’s.

First up is the CraftStack Classic Washi Tape Organizer at Michael’s, but there were just a couple of things I didn’t completely love about it.

  • The way it looked. It just looks sort of ugly to me 😭
  • The drawers are “open”, meaning a lot of dust can get into each drawer and onto my washi tape
  • Some of the reviews said the unit can tip over if more than one drawer is opened

The Michaels drawers sell for $39.99 full price, but if you wait until you have a 50% off coupon, $20 isn’t too bad. It said it could hold “160+” rolls of washi, which is just a little less than I have. So, I would have had to buy 2 units, and the second would be almost entirely empty. (Which would bother me, so I would have to go out and buy more washi. Which I guess isn’t necessarily a bad thing…)

Runner-up Option Two

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Image by Dollar Tree.

The other option I considered was the Clear Plastic Desktop Organizer Drawer from the Dollar Tree.

  • Each unit is $1.
  • Each unit is a single drawer
  • Must buy at least 12 if you buy online.
  • Shipping is free if you ship to the store
  • Drawers are not tall enough for the washi rolls to stand up

This was a top contender because I love a good DIY. All I need is a little super glue, and I could have made my washi drawers with as many drawers as I need. The biggest thing that deterred me was that the washi tape couldn’t stand upright. One of my top needs was pretty washi organization, so this alone made it a deal breaker for me.

Also, if you don’t want to buy 12 of them, good luck finding them in the store. I’ve been to many Dollar Trees (it’s one of my favorite stores!) and I’ve never seen this item in person. Ever. 😭

So, how do you store your washi? Is your collection in need of a little updating? Check out my Washi Organization board on Pinterest to see some ideas that might inspire you! Or you could join our discussion in our Facebook Group for some washi inspiration!

As always, subscribe to my blog and follow me on Instagram @organizedpotato to keep up with my planner journey! Until next time! 💖

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