#7daydestash Challenge: Day Five

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Day Five: Don’t Know What to Use it For

I blame my mom for this one! 😂 When these scrapbook pads were $5, she told me to buy them. Yeah, they were cheap, and yeah, the pages are cute, but I have no idea what to use them for! Dashboards? Dividers? Who knows!

#7daydestash Challenge - Day 5 [idk what to use it for] #destash #declutter #organize #organizedpotato #scrapbook #scrapbooking #scrapbookpaper #mermaid #ocean #shells #beach #glam #makeup #goldfoiling

#7daydestash Challenge - Day 5 [idk what to use it for] #destash #declutter #organize #organizedpotato #scrapbook #scrapbooking #scrapbookpaper #mermaid #ocean #shells #beach #glam #makeup #goldfoiling

I mean… just look at these scrapbook pads. The pages are gorgeous! Some of them have gold foiling, and that just adds to the glam factor. I love all the pages, but I just don’t know how to use each one to its fullest potential! These scrapbook pads could just as easily qualify for the “too pretty to ruin” prompt (Day 2). But I chose them for today instead, because I don’t typically work with scrapbook paper.

I asked my mom what she uses her scrapbook paper for, and she listed off a million and one uses without pausing. 😂 She said she likes to use them in her planner the same way I use printables– to cover up boxes. She also suggested framing the larger pages with a large image or quote on it as wall art. As for the ones with less of a central focus, she also sometimes frames them and uses them as desktop whiteboards! She’s so crafty! 😊

Do you guys use scrapbook paper when decorating your planner? How do you recommend I use these sheets? Share with me in the comments below, or in our Facebook Group!

If you’re interested in participating in the #7daydestash challenge, it isn’t too late! You can start whenever, and go at your own pace! This is a challenge aimed at helping YOU, not about being the best or “winning” the challenge. 💕

Are you up for the challenge? Just 7 days to use, sell, or give away planner supplies that you've been holding on to but never using! #7daydestash #challenge #instagramchallenge #IGchallenge #plannerchallenge #bujochallenge #destashchallenge #destash #declutter #organize #plannersupplies #plannerstuff #erincondren #eclp #happyplanner #mambi #meandmybigideas #kikkik #filofax #bujo #bulletjournal #pinkwatercolor #watercolor #organizedpotato #planwithpotato

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10 thoughts on “#7daydestash Challenge: Day Five

  1. They are super cute, but I wouldn’t know what to use them for! I really like the idea of framing things like this for some wall décor!xo

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    1. My mom got the mermaid pack, too, and is using one of the sheets to frame and put in the bathroom since the bathroom’s theme is “at the beach”. 😊 Now I just need to find a spot on the wall to put some of these, hmm…


  2. Ah, I have so many papers bought just because they were on sale and now I’m like ‘I have no idea what to do with this now!’ Actually, that’s pretty much most of my craft hoard xD I have been watching a lot of Jess Crafts videos on YouTube so I’m kinda inspired just do my best to make some cards out of them. Before I started using planner stickers, I did use scrapbook paper in my planner though. I just cut pieces to box size and made banners and stuck them in with glue.

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    1. My mom uses scrapbook paper so much in her planner. She makes little boxes and banners and envelope pockets… she’s just so creative!

      And I can totally relate to the “it’s on sale” thing. That’s how I’ve acquired 99.9% of my crafting supplies, too! 😂

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