Thank you for 1,000 Followers!

This is going to be a longer post, because I really want to show my gratitude and appreciation for the planner community. I broke up the blog post into sections with sub-headings to make it easier on you guys. Hope it’s not too much of a snore fest to read, but hey, it’s a whole blog post where I’m basically thanking you for being awesome. πŸ’–

When I first started on Instagram, I never imagined a thousand people would be interested in looking at pictures of my planner. I had never heard of the planner community online, and never dreamed that there were thousands of other people across the globe with the same strange obsession with stationery and crafty supplies in general. It’s nice to have someone to talk thatΒ just gets it when you talk about buying your 3rd planner or 8th TN. πŸ˜‚

What really surprised me though, was the abundance of love, kindness, and support. I mean, it’s not like I was expecting people to be mean or rude or anything, I just kind of expected nobody to really care about pics of my planner. πŸ˜‚

I quickly discovered “happy mail” and RAKs (Random Acts of Kindness), and giveaways and PR teams. Each of these things are something that bring people together within the planner community and spread a little kindness and joy to those around them. I liked this concept of bolstering a positive community.

I think out of all the things the planner community has given me, the best things without a doubt are all the friendships I’ve made. πŸ’– I found myself feeling happy when I saw that a friend bought a new planner or finally found that tube of washi tape they’ve been trying to track down for weeks. I was genuinely happy for my friends when I found out they won giveaways. I worried about them and prayed for them when hurricanes rolled through their towns. I congratulated them for getting married or having a baby.

Really, I want to thank each and every one of you for joining me on my planner journey. I don’t know what I was looking for when I started this journey, but I have found more than I could have ever imagined. From the bottom of my heart, thank you. ❀

1k Follower Appreciation: Giveaway Style

Organized Potato's 1k Followers Giveaway Week #OP1kGiveaway

When I originally planned this, I thought it would be fun to celebrate my birthday with a week of daily giveaways. But as the days went by, I felt less confident about the idea. Yes, I had seen other people do it before, but it just wasn’t me. I always felt a little uncomfortable making things all about me. I was starting to feel embarrassed. My birthday wasn’t the right reason to host a giveaway.

I was talking to my boyfriend about it, and he suggested that I still do the week of giveaways, but change the reason to celebrate. He said, “Instead of making it about you, make it about your followers.” πŸ’‘ OMG! DUH!!! I was planning on hosting a giveaway to celebrate 1k followers anyways! Why didn’t I think of this before?!

A giveaway celebrating my followers promotes a value that is very important to me: community. The reason behind this giveaway is celebrating the planner community supporting me. This giveaway is sponsored by the community: a little over a dozen people & shops. This giveaway felt right. Much better than a birthday giveaway.

So… Tell Me About the Giveaway!

Okay okay okay okay. So when I started to plan this giveaway, I put up a little message on Instagram and Facebook that I was looking for sponsors. I was kind of amazed with the number of people that reached out to me and asked how they could help. PR girls messaged me and suggested I contact the shops they PR for.

Now, when I started contacting shops to be sponsors, I asked a lot of them, because I anticipated that most of them would say no. Quite the opposite happened! Most of them said yes! πŸ’– Together, we have put together over $200 in prizes to give back to you! Isn’t that awesome?! Aaaand the planner community strikes again! Once again surprising me with its abundance of kindness. πŸ’•

As luck would have it, the perfect amount of people agreed to be sponsors for this event, so that I can have two daily giveaways for a week. I’m going to do one giveaway on Facebook, and the other on Instagram. I’m so excited!! πŸ’–

Allow me to briefly introduce the sponsors in no particular order…

Organized Potato's 1k Followers Giveaway Week Sponsor Lineup #OP1kGiveaway

  1. tcdplans
  2. nashsprintwork
  3. myplanningaddictions
  4. hellohappycui
  5. themodestcat
  6. dolceplanner
  7. perfectly.kawaiico
  8. thefreckledgeek
  9. planswithvaness
  10. klinge_stickers
  11. omgcpaperco
  12. pigeonpapercompany
  13. thefancyplanner

Please go give them a follow and check out their Etsy shops! They are really lovely people! πŸ’– I’ll talk more about each sponsor on their day during the giveaway! πŸ’•

By the way, the giveaway week will begin on October 1st and end on October 7th. Speaking of October 1st…

Remember last Friday’s free printable? You know, when I first announced that I was going to be hosting a week of giveaways on Instagram and in the Facebook group? Where I talked about how you can get extra entries in the last day of the giveaway, for the prize sponsored by me? Here’s the scoop:

  • Each day will be sponsored by a different shop!
  • On the last day of the week, will be a giveaway from me!
  • You can get 3 extra entries for the final giveaway (from me) if you post a pic wishing me happy birthday using #happybirthdayorganizedpotato !
  • If you post it ON my birthday, it’s worth 5 extra entries!
  • By the way, my birthday is October 1st. πŸŽ‚

Well, that’s it for today, my sweet potatoes. Thank you so so SO much for all your love and support. I feel truly blessed to be a part of the planner community, and I hope that my impact on the planner community has brought even a little joy to you. 😊 As always, remember to subscribe to my blog to be the first to know about my latest posts! See ya later! πŸ’–

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Remember to use #organizedpotato if you use any of my printables for a chance to have your picture featured on the Facebook Page!

3 thoughts on “Thank you for 1,000 Followers!

  1. Awwww I’m kinda sad the giveaway won’t be based on either comments on your blog post or WordPress followers, because I don’t have corresponding Facebook or Instagram accounts.

    I think your planners and other projects are very fun and pretty to look at! Congratulations on your thousand followers!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Aww, I’m sorry! 😦 I’ll definitely have a giveaway here when I hit 1k followers. 😊

      Thank you so much for your kind words!! You’re always showing this blog so much love! I truly appreciate it!!! πŸ’•πŸ’•

      Liked by 1 person

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