October 23-29 Weekly Spread

You know that feeling that you’ve forgotten something, but you just can’t seem to remember what it was? It’s been eating away at me for some time… And then it hit me! I haven’t been posting on my blog! My poor, neglected blog! 😭 So I’m gonna be playing catch up a little, sharing the last few weekly spreads that I missed! 💕

I know Halloween isn’t until next week, but I saved this adorable Hello Kitty Halloween printable specifically for this last week of October! I coulda swore I took more pics of this spread, but I can’t seem to find them! 😦 Oh well.

I don’t really like Halloween all that much, but I just love this printable kit! 😍 Everything’s better when you add Hello Kitty to it! 💖

Hello Kitty Halloween - Week of October 23-29 in my Classic Happy Planner #planner #happyplanner #hellokitty #halloween #kawaii #cute #plannerideas #plannerspreads #weeklyspread #bujoideas #bulletjournalideas #DIYplanner #plannerprintable #freeplannerprintable #freeprintable #ghosts #pumpkins #frankenstein #witches #bats

How did you decorate your planner for Halloween? Did you decorate the last week of October like I did, or did you decorate Halloween week? Let me know in the comments below, or share with us in the Plan With Potato Facebook Group! That’s all for now! As always, remember to subscribe to my blog to be the first to know about my latest posts! See ya later, mashed potater! 💖

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Remember to use #organizedpotato if you use any of my printables for a chance to have your picture featured on the Facebook Page!

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