5 Tips for Insta-Worthy Pics: Frame the Shot

In today’s mini-lesson, we will be talking about Tip #4: Naturally Drawing the Eye to your Subject by Framing the Shot.

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We’ve all seen perfect Instagram pics. You know, the ones where the lighting is so bright and crisp, the image quality crystal clear, all the colors just seem to pop! The picture is just so good in every possible way. There’s no way your Insta photos could ever look that good! Well, about that…

I can’t make you and your camera phone a professional photographer overnight, but I can share with you 5 super easy tips that can bring your photography game to the next level. Best of all, every tip is for the blogger on a budget, so you can get stunning photos without breaking the bank!

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One of the most obvious ways to draw attention to your main subject is to put it right in the center of the frame. Easy peasy. This way, there’s no doubt about what you want your viewers to look at. I love to photograph my planner right in the middle of the frame with a plain, white background to achieve a simple, minimalist feel.

My Kawaii Pastel TN! #kawaii #pastel #TN #travelersnotebook #planner #plannergirl #molang #foxyfix #DIY

If that’s is too plain for your taste, you can shake things up by adding other props around your main subject. We’ll talk more about extra props in the next mini-lesson.

So… that’s it? Just plop your planner down smack dab in the middle and you’re good to go? Well, yes, but… there are other ways you can frame your planner! In today’ mini-lesson, we’re going to talk about some other ways to consider framing your photos to naturally draw the eye to your main subject.

Rule of Thirds

Pink Glitter Washi Tape
Is your eye drawn to the paperclip or the washi tape? Read more about this washi here.

This one is really simple. Just divide your frame into thirds. Draw imaginary lines dividing your frame into thirds vertically and horizontally. Now, position your main subject to be on any of the imaginary lines you drew.

You can place longer objects such as pens or strips of washi tape along the lines, and place shorter objects at the intersection of the lines. That’s exactly what I did in this Washi Wednesday pic. Notice how the washi is lined up with the thirds lines and the little heart clip is on the intersection of two lines.

When I look at this picture, my attention is drawn to the heart clip, but also to the washi “intersection” in the lower left. This isn’t necessarily a bad thing. Your photo can have two focal points, but it’s just something to keep in mind when framing your shots.


happy washi wednesday! #washi #washitape #washiwednesday #tropical #pineapples #tropicalleaves #tropiclikeitshot #toucan #yellow #green #plannerideas #plannerinspo #erincondren #filofax #happyplanner #makeitwithmichaels #michaels #washitapeideas

Doesn’t it bother you when people use a word they’re trying to define in the definition? I promise “Framing” as a “Framing Style” isn’t one of those cases. 😂 Just hear me out on this one! With this style, you create “frames” within the frame of your photo. You can easily create “frames” with washi tape: Just position it around your main subject! Your frame could be even simpler: your planner cover “frames” the pages when photographing weekly spreads. Although this frame is a little less obvious or dramatic as washi tape.

One of my favorite framing styles is when a planner is placed on top of a 12×12 piece of scrapbook paper, cut to look like a square doily. The “lace paper” frames the planner in such an elegant way!

Fill the Frame

Kawaii Travelers Notebook by @organizedpotato #kawaii #pastel #pink #riversideplannergirls #frenchbulldog #macarons #hearts #bows #TN #travelersnotebook #bujo #bulletjournal #bujoinspo

Much like framing your subject in the center of the frame, this style forces the viewer to acknowledge your subject. Probably because your subject takes up the whole frame! In the picture to the left, notice how my traveler’s notebook takes up almost the entire frame! Yes, you can see some cute die cuts on the bottom and some cute clips and charms on the top, but since they’re cut off, they don’t command as much attention as the traveler’s notebook.


March 2017 Monthly Spread #rainbow #molang #stpatricksday #shamrock #clover #fourleafclover #4leafclover #hellokitty #kawaii

Imagine a giant arrow pointing at what to look at. That’s pretty much what this style does! All you do is find or create lines that lead your eye to the main subject. When I think about this style, the first example that comes to mind is a picture of a road, stretching off into the distance in front of you. Or maybe it’s a squiggly road that stretches off into the distance. Straight or squiggly, these roads make lines that your eye follows.

This style was actually a challenge to find in my planner pics! I had to go all the way back to 2017, to one of the first planner pics I took to find a good example! The washi tape draws attention to sweet little Molang on St. Patrick’s Day! The idea here was to create a little “rainbow” and the “pot of gold” at the end is St. Patrick’s Day!


None of these framing styles are “photography rules” by any means! They’re just a collection of different ways you can frame your photographs to change up how you highlight the subject of your photos. You could even try mixing two styles!

The next time you’re on Instagram, pay attention to how the pictures are framed. Did you notice any pictures that used these framing styles? What part of the picture caught your attention first?

Feel free to share any questions or comments below! I’d love to hear ’em!

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That’s all for today, sweet friends! Next time we will be going over adding extra props to your photos to compliment your main subject! Thanks for stopping by! 💖

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