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I’m Jackie, aka the Organized Potato. I’m basically a plant goddess living in an indoor jungle, and I use every chance I can get to share my sweet little plant babies with the internet. Hey, if people are allowed to show off pictures of their kids and pets, what’s wrong with showing off my plant babies? 🌱

I’m a list-maker; I make lists for everything. To-do lists, wish lists, blog post ideas, printable ideas… the list of lists goes on and on! I also love to track goals and habits. It’s one of the best ways to hold myself accountable, and it’s super satisfying to be able to see my results as I log them.

Last but not least, I love kawaii things 🦄 and food! It’s funny, because many of my free printables have kawaii elements or themes, but not many of my printables have food in them. I guess it’s because looking at kawaii things makes me happy, but the only way food really makes me happy is when I’m eating it! 🍕🌮🍦🍫

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