1. How do I use your printables in my planner?

Print them, cut them out, and stick them in your planner! You can use a glue stick, or be fancy and print them on sticker paper!

2. I have a __________ planner, will your printables fit my planner?

While my printables were designed specifically for the Classic Happy Planner, you can use them in any planner! All you need is a little creativity! You can scale the pdf down or trim the images; if they’re too small you could fill empty space with washi tape (be creative!!) 😊

3. I have a Classic Happy Planner and one of the elements in your printable was too big/small.

Please let me know! No, you’re not crazy and no, your crazy printer isn’t acting up again. It’s probably a measuring error on my part! (Sorry about that…)

4. What does “free for personal use” mean?

You may print out and use as many copies as your heart desires, but you can’t sell them or use them somehow for financial gain.

5. Do you take requests?

Yup! Hop on over to the Contact page and reach out to me however is most convenient for you!

6. I saw your “donate” button. What will the money go towards if I donate to you?

The short answer: mostly planner stuff and stuff to help run this blog. To read the full answer, click here.


Still have questions? Ask me! I’d love to answer them! 💖