How You’re Helping Organized Potato

Every time you purchase an item through an affiliate link or send me donations, you are helping me in numerous ways! It’s always nice to know where your money is going and how it will be used before you actually commit to spending a single penny. Let me show you where the money will go!

In general, I’m trying to raise money for:

  • My own domain (so I can remove the “wordpress” part out of my blog URL)
  • Printer ink (before I release a free printable, I print it, cut it out, and try it out in my planner to make sure everything fits correctly and just looks good in general)
  • Planner supplies (I like to try out planner products and write reviews about them to reccommend them or warn other planner girls to stay away)
  • My internet bill (it would be kind of hard to run a blog without an internet connection πŸ˜‚)
  • Images (for printables! Not all images are free for commercial or even personal use. You have to purchase licenses in order to have the right to use, modify, or redistribute these images)
  • Fonts (same as images)
  • A Silhouette Cameo (in the waaayyy distant future, I would love to open a sticker shop, so that I can share my printables with those that don’t own printers or don’t have the time to cut all of the elements out)
  • Shipping Costs (for future giveaways… stay tuned!!)
  • Personal Expenses (I’ll be honest with you. I will probably use some of the money for a cup of coffee, or extra guac at Chipotle. I’m only human, and I do firmly believe in treating oneself. πŸ’– I mean, I do spend quite a bit of time making these printables to share with everyone for free… If you want to send me a donation specifically for personal use, you can let me know by adding a note in PayPal! 😊)

My specific goal right now: My Own Domain Name

Amount Needed: $144

Amount Raised: $0

Amount Left: $144


  • Since this is my first time using a web hosting service, I decided to start with a 12 month commitment, rather than making a huge, long-term commitment.
  • After 12 months, I will decide whether or not I like this particular host, which will determine whether or not I extend my commitment with them or search for a new host.
  • The web hosting service I’m planning to select charges $12.00/mo.