Short and Sweet Planner Challenge: Fall Edition

Is it just me, or is fall pretty much the best season EVER?! The temperature is perfect (um, sweater weather!), the leaves start changing color, and my birthday is in fall! Wait… you mean my birthday isn’t one of your favorite things about fall?

September has barely started and I feel like almost everyone around me is already in the fall spirit! And that’s why I’m super excited to announce…

The Short & Sweet Planner Challenge: Fall Edition!

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Thank you for 1,000 Followers!

This is going to be a longer post, because I really want to show my gratitude and appreciation for the planner community. I broke up the blog post into sections with sub-headings to make it easier on you guys. Hope it’s not too much of a snore fest to read, but hey, it’s a whole blog post where I’m basically thanking you for being awesome. 💖

When I first started on Instagram, I never imagined a thousand people would be interested in looking at pictures of my planner. I had never heard of the planner community online, and never dreamed that there were thousands of other people across the globe with the same strange obsession with stationery and crafty supplies in general. It’s nice to have someone to talk that just gets it when you talk about buying your 3rd planner or 8th TN. 😂 Continue reading “Thank you for 1,000 Followers!”