Washi Wednesday: Neko Atsume Tsum Tsum Edition!

Happy Washi Wednesday, everyone! Wednesdays used to be my most dreaded day of the week. IΒ  don’t know why, but something about the middle of the week just seemed so awful. Like, “you’re halfway there but you still have 2 days to go!” Maybe that sounds motivational, but it certainly didn’t feel motivational…

Anyways… Since becoming a part of the planner community, I’ve discovered #washiwednesday! This amazing day encourages people to take pictures of washi tape and share them with the world! I don’t know why, but this is one of my favorite weekly Instagram tags to participate in. I just think it’s so much fun to creatively showcase your washi tape!

Last week, I showed off my magical washi tree. This week, I decided to share these adorable Neko Atsume tsum tsums with you guys! Can you believe I won these from a crane/claw arcade game?! I usually steer away from these games because I always lose, but they just looked so cute… I had to try! You would not believe my luck! When the claw went down, it got tangled in THREE tags, so I won all three of these lil’ cuties in just one try! 😍 Did I try again for another? Nope. No way. πŸ˜‚ I was more than satisfied with this prize!

Do your participate in #washiwednesday? Share with me in our Facebook group or in the comments below! πŸ‘‡ Don’t forget to follow me on Instagram @organizedpotato and follow my blog to keep up with all of the creative washi wednesday pics to come! πŸ’–


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